Technology and Sterilization Equipment

Learn about the technology and sterilization equipment used in our practice:

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays, in comparison to standard x-rays, reduce patient exposure by at least 50%. Images can be viewed almost immediately and transferred to a large computer screen for viewing.


The diagnodent aids in the early detection of cavities. Small cavities form in the mouth before they can be detected by the dentist or seen on an x-ray. They are smaller than the tips of the bristles on a toothbrush. The diagnodent passes a small laser light into suspicious areas in the mouth and measures how long it takes for the light to return. The cavities detected by the diagnodent are removed when they are small, thus leaving more tooth structure intact.

Chairside Televisions

Televisions are mounted on a ceiling track directly above the dental chair which allows patients to view cable TV programs during the appointment. Often the younger patients don't want to leave the dental chair because of the TVs!


Automated autoclaves sterilize the instruments that are placed in cassettes and wrapped in a special paper. A microcomputer controls all of the cycles to ensure the instruments are sterilized properly. A test is performed by an independent company on a weekly basis to guarantee that the autoclave is functioning properly.

Ultrasonic Cleaner

An ultrasonic cleaner is used prior to the instruments being autoclaved. The ultrasonic cleaner bathes the instruments in a strong cleansing solution before they are sealed and placed in the autoclave.


Magnification glasses are called loupes. They provide the doctor with the ability to see intricate details in the mouth when examining and working on the dentition.

Fiber Optic Lighting

Attached to the over- the- chair televisions are fiber optic lights which provides the doctor with an enhanced viewing field. They are smaller, run cooler, and can be easily directed to a specific field of focus.


Isolite is an isolation system that is used most frequently for restorative work. It is a flexible rubber bite block which provides patients with greater comfort and safety. A fiber optic light is attached to it for greater visibility. Patients find it comfortable and convenient as it keeps the work area in the mouth isolated from contaminants thus allowing a faster working time and shorter appointment time.

Intraoral Camera

A small state of the art wireless camera is placed in the mouth and instantly takes pictures of areas of concern for the doctor to examine.

Panoramic X-Ray

The panoramic x-ray machine takes an image of the entire mouth and jaw structure. It is a low resolution x-ray and is important to view the teeth and supporting structures for diagnostic purposes.


The cavitron is used for cleanings. It is an ultrasonic device that uses high frequency sound waves to remove plaque and hardened calculus from the teeth.