Preventative Dentistry


Routine six month dental examinations allow us to diagnose dental conditions at their earliest stages. We routinely evaluate the teeth for cavities, fractures, and broken fillings. We will examine your gums for gum disease.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Routine checks of soft tissue for oral cancer can allow many oral cancers to be treated in their earliest stage.


Regular dental cleanings curtail gum disease at its earliest stage and, if present, keeps it from advancing.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is a naturally occurring element that is present in all water sources. Fluoride helps make our teeth more resistant to acid attacks. Fluoride also inhibits replication of the bacteria which causes tooth decay. The addition of fluoride to our water supply helps reduce tooth decay by at least one third.


Sealants lower the chance of getting cavities on the biting surfaces of the teeth. Cavities often form in deep grooves on the biting surface which are smaller than the end of a toothbrush bristle. Sealants fill in these grooves to keep food debris and harmful cavity causing bacteria out. Sealants are applied quickly and painlessly.


Custom made mouthguards are useful in preventing sports injuries and are most helpful in protecting your teeth from the harmful effects of bruxism (grinding). Many patients suffer from bruxism and thus have accelerated wear of their teeth from this condition.